Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Litigation and Dispute Resolution lawyers, Otley, West Yorkshire

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

At Newstead & Walker we are able to assist with many different areas of Civil Dispute, whatever stage that dispute has reached. Our very experienced team will efficiently assess the merits and strength of each dispute and provide clear and practical advice as to both the substance of the dispute and ways forward as soon as all the information is available in order to assist in resolving disputes in the most cost effective and best way possible. We will also advise clearly as to the risks involved and anticipated and estimated costs and cost risks.

Katharine Baker is the Head of the Litigation and Dispute Resolution Team. She has a pragmatic and sensible approach to disputes and will always endeavour to resolve disputes quickly and efficiently with a view to minimising costs and advising over the various processes available including mediation where appropriate.

Sometimes inevitably the Court process will be involved and Katharine Baker is very experienced in a number of different courts including the County and High Court and various tribunals including the Agricultural Land Tribunal, the Adjudicator to Land Registry Tribunal and the Employment Tribunal.

The areas within which we can advise and help through dispute resolution and subsequently the court processes are as follows:

  • Property and Land Disputes including Agricultural issues and issues over jointly held property
  • Contract Disputes
  • Employment Disputes (including Advice on Compromise Agreements)
  • Probate and Inheritance Disputes
  • Personal Injury (on a No Win basis for appropriate cases)
  • Debt recovery

We offer a first half hour interview at a reduced fixed fee rate on the above civil disputes.

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