Our History


A Brief History of Newstead & Walker

Newstead & Walker has provided legal services to its clients for almost 200 years at which time the Newstead family was practicing in the town. The most recent Newstead was Cecil who practiced from 1920 until retirement in 1965. Cecil’s father and two uncles were also solicitors who practiced in the town as CJ and AE Newstead & Co in the early 1900’s. There are also archive records of one Henry Newstead, Attorney, practicing in Otley in the early 1800’s.

The Walker of Newstead & Walker was Harry, who joined Cecil Newstead in 1955. During his long career in practice Harry was Chairman of the Agricultural Land Tribunal for the Yorkshire and Lancashire Region. On his retirement in 1979, Harry became the first solicitor to be appointed as a Circuit Judge on the North Eastern Circuit.